Hope of the Second Week

“For there is hope for a tree, When it is cut down, that it will sprout again, And its shoots will not fail.” – Job 14:7


I have about three weeks left of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign I started for the Blanchard Outdoors show and I feel good. Crowdfunding is a strange beast that works for some people and projects and not for others. For me, I need it to work because I am providing a service and entertainment for others. If the show is going to work it will need eyes and ears on it. If nobody wants to invest in me to do it, then the show is doomed to fail as well.  Right now, that isn’t the case.

John Wall of Marketing Over Coffee podcast shared with me yesterday that there is a huge chasm between the audience that consumes your free content and those that will trade you dollars for it. Or something like that. Yesterday was a unique day because I was able to communicate with both he and Seth Godin on some things. This two are personal favorites of mine.  One is a modern day Socrates and the other brilliant but modest.  I had trouble with the word “scale.” Not the one that you step on but the one that tells if what you are doing is going to succeed.



Also this week I put the call out for a female co-host for the show that will make it more engaging and more entertaining for both radio and TV. And I have also begun a conversation with a talent coach that is knowledgeable about radio programming and the business so that I don’t waste time, money or opportunities. Then there is my friend Dee, checking in on me every other day to see where I am. He’s been a pain and a source of encouragement. He is a lifelong hunter and is excited about this show. He watches a few of the shows on the Outdoor Channel but would rather see me there.

One of the coolest things about this project is the energy and excitement it is bringing to me as I engage others, beg like the pauper I am and occasionally get a couple of shekels from strangers and the friends I have been talking to online for years.

My friends and long time sponsors of the Black Man With A Gun Show podcast, Crossbreed Holsters, sent me a little extra this week to get me started.  That is why I love them.


“everything that is done in the world is done by hope” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



I feel good.






I Call This Doberman Therapy


Some people debate a dogs’ usefulness or contributions but for me its a no brainer. They are pets that reflect unconditional love. Dogs are good for your health. Even if you are as allergic to animal dander as I am. They add more than they take.Ginger

I have a rescued Doberman that is small for a Dobie. She was on death row at the animal shelter when I adopted her. She was malnourished, showed signs of abuse and had a cold. It took a month for the animal shelter to release her to me even though if she stayed another day where she was between two pit bulls, she would have been euthanized.

She is the best dog I have ever had and if I had a side car on my motorcycle she would be there. Her best talent is in sensing when I have had a bad day. She gives what I call Doberman Therapy.

I am sure your dog does it too. If not, you might want to go to your nearest shelter and find a buddy. They have plenty. It is worth more than a pooper scooper to your health.

Sometimes we just need a break.  They know it too.



Warrior Cast the Podcast

My son and I have completed thirteen episodes since the initial launch of the WarriorCast podcast and I am pleased with the results. Ken Jr. (his new stage name) is funny and I like hearing him do his thing. I love podcasting and some of the benefits of producing your own internet audio show is not well known. There are many people that do not like the sound of their own voices. My son is no different. I produced the show to get him to stretch himself and gain some confidence.   I try not to even be on the show now.  He has his closest friends to join him on the weekly conversation about a few subjects that just happened to be his favorites, mixed martial arts, fighting, video gaming, movies and The Walking Dead.

Right now the show is four guys (Jonathan Saxon, Keenan, and Julian Reid), “shooting the bull” about the latest fights, the video games they love and whatever is topical for them. I see a positive change. My son is a martial artist. He is a recent college graduate and a young man looking to make his own way.

He eats and sleeps the martial arts lifestyles. He can quote you a “fight card” statistics and where each person trained. He is respectful to the losers of the fight as if he were in their corner. He is training for Muay Thai and Brasilian JuJitsu now. It makes him happy and that is cool. Not sure where this podcast will take him but I see a change.  He is more comfortable now than he was before and each show is getting a little better.

The podcast doesn’t have hundreds of downloads but has great potential.  Like my son, Ken Jr.