WarriorCast and Podcasting

WarriorCast the podcast is doing better.  The audience download numbers took a big dip after the first few episodes but its starting to grow now organically.  I gave my son a feed of a previous show I was tinkering with and reconstructed the whole thing.  It was an experiment for me in both economy and practicality.  Overall, it worked.  I changed everything.  I created the podcast album art and basis of the show based on my sons’ interest.  I wanted podcasting to help him like it helped me.  I thought I would give you some background on the show that started a few months before Christmas 2014 that I thought would help my Number One Son, Ken Blanchard, Jr in some way.

At first it was a father and son project.  And it started off a little slow.  Ken Jr. is not an extrovert or a big talker but is passionate about the mixed martial arts, gaming and Anime.  I thought all of that was perfect for a podcast. After I got out of the way, he included his best friends and now they are starting to get into it.  The guys are finding their rhythm and timing.

I wasn’t sure the show was going to last past the magical number where new shows begin to pod-fade.  I still can’t find music for the intro and outro that Ken Jr. would want for the show.  Whatever he gives me to use is copyrighted material.  I am just the producer and cheerleader now, and that is just fine.

Podcasting helped me hear how I sound to other people.  It helped me communicate better.  It helped me overcome some fears.  Most of what we fear is imagined.  We never confront it and so it grows or wins.  It is helping my son, share his passions and do some of the same things.

relson gracie and ken blanchard

Recently he had the chance to train with and be rewarded by one of his heroes, Relson Gracie.  The Gracie family is big in the mixed martial arts world.  I coaxed Ken Jr. into sharing that experience on a recent podcast that you can hear above (attached to this post).  One it is now recorded history.  Two, his friends got a chance to hear about it.  And three, I knew it was a big deal to him.  It’s a big deal to me to see my son happy. Hopefully, I will be his translator when and if he goes to Brazil to train further with the Gracies.  Muito Bem!

Fatherhood doesn’t end when your kid is able to feed himself, drive, or graduate from college.  It’s forever.  I will be there for this big guy whenever he needs me to be.

Ken Jr. hopes to find a career that includes his passions.  I helped him start this podcast because I believe that podcasting can definitely get that goal out of your head and into the cosmos.

Subscribe to WarriorCast today.  Follow Ken Jr on twitter @thewarriorcast and Instagram @kickinitKen

Proud of you dude!


Pulling the Trigger On A New Goal

I am the author of Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded. It is a revised version of a book first self published in 2000. This one is part autobiographical with information about gun rights and a glossary of terms used in the shooting sports that many have forgotten.   When I started I was the first African American gun person on the web. Now there are many and that is a good thing. My work is done in that realm.  Now on to the next thing.  I have always wanted to be on radio.

I started podcasting in 2007 and have had a blast. The Urban Shooter Podcast now the Black Man With A Gun Show has talked about guns, American history, with interviews of hundreds of activist, CEO’s athletes, celebrities and firearms’ trainers. It has featured comedy, and introduced a few new comedians. I have tried and experimented with skits and music. I even overcame my own fears and sometimes sing on it. The podcast has been downloaded over 1.3 million times and heard in over 100 countries. The show has brought overseas fans to interview me for a foreign documentary, news and more.

My goal in 2015, despite financial challenges was to take all that I have learned and go higher. After looking into it I have passed on XM/Sirius satellite radio. I couldn’t afford the extravagant fees wanted on a local AM station that was interested in my show. I was introduced to a new Christian internet radio station poised to use new media the way it was intended; to the fullest.

After being introduced to the station and the owners, by the son of my long timeBlanchardOutdoors fishing buddy De, on New Years Eve I took it as a sign. It was located “coincidentally” in the building of my late mentor, Bernie McCain of Radio One’s WOL. WBGR online radio has all the gear and space I need to succeed. De will be my foil, and hunting expert on the show. I found Lenessa my other co-host from Instagram after I realized what I wanted. I love social media. She has been fishing for over twenty years and just entered the world of hunting recently and is excited to share her experiences.

In early January I started a slow and methodical process of seeing if my concept had legs. I polled my audiences, my facebook groups, friends and followers and got confirmation. Now was the time to move from gun rights to something else. They confirmed that a show introducing others to fishing, hunting and the outdoors in the same way or better as I had done with law abiding, responsible gun ownership would work. I have and still get encouragement about this move from people I have never physically met.

Encouragement is important. You don’t always get it when you dream. You may never get it on a goal. But you must challenge yourself and grow regardless. For me, I have spent seven years encouraging, helping, mentoring, praying and being there for many that couldn’t wait to reciprocate. This is no overnight success thing.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis


My friends/audience helped me choose the name, and the logo. The show is called BlanchardOutdoors. It is about hunting, fishing and achieving your dreams. This new show will be live streamed on Sunday nights at 7PM EST. It will be available on the WBGR Sports through the internet and on the WBGR app, on TuneIn.FM and iTunes, Youtube and on the website after I get it all configured.

Through crowdfunding, friends, and two corporate sponsors we were able to raise the capital to get started.  We didn’t get all we need but enough encouragement to move on.

Today I signed the contract (pulled the trigger) for our first show to air the first Sunday in March 2015.




Those who know the words of prayer, please pray for the success of this show.



IndieGoGo Worked for BlanchardOutdoors.com

I used IndieGoGo instead of Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform this time because all the money raised with IndieGogo you get to keep. With Kickstarter if you don’t meet your goal its a bust. I wanted $5,000 to launch a internet radio show at a local station here in Maryland with two other outdoor lovers. It will be the only such show on the sports network of the station. It’s a great opportunity.

There are other benefits to crowdfunding than just the obvious. You can gauge and see if your vision is shared with anyone else. There are a lot of good ideas. Timing is everything.

“There is a season for everything.”

For me, this is the time when I take my love of the outdoors, freedom and people to the next level. I have been a gun rights activist since 1991. I have talked on television, rallies, radio and on the internet about freedom and the right to keep and bear arms. When I started I was the first person of color talking about guns and the Constitution on the internet back in 1999. My website, Black Man With A Gun proved to many what could be done.

You can look at Facebook, and search the number of podcast about guns and gun rights. I am not the only African American gun owner online anymore. That is cool. Blanchard Outdoors is my attempt to take what I have learned in broadcasting, social media and supporting a community up a step.

This campaign on Indiegogo did not get me the $5000 but 25% of that goal. Along with support from a friends that have sent me what they could, a new sponsor, American Built Arms and my friends at Crossbreed Holsters, I think we are going to make it. I have enough for six months. And that is enough to start my journey of a thousand miles.

I have 50 people on my email list for BlanchardOutdoors.com to date.

We have a Facebook group page thanks to my co-host Lenessa T.

I have learned that

good friends make the good times better and the hard times easier.

Thank you guys.