Charlie Levine

There is an awesome fitness guy out of Ohio that gave this to (me) that I want to share with you as you decide how you are going to tackle this weight issue.  This is a continuation of the “How to lose 20 lbs.”

513FIT Training Guide: 20 Minute Solutions to Two Hour Problems

Travel, missed workouts, and simply wanting to get in extra sessions up are a fact of life. My goal with this guide is to give you a basic template of how to train in a way that is time efficient, effective, and will get you moving like a ninja.

The outline is simple and can be used whether youʼre working out at home, outside, or a basic hotel gym.

Letʼs talk quality of movement before we get too far because this too often gets overlooked.

The goal is to train your body to work together and move well. Thatʼs one of the main secrets to getting great results. Not “confusing” your muscles, or elaborate choreography, or anything youʼve seen broadly marketed.

This doesnʼt mean that itʼs easy. Itʼs not, but this level of effort is similar to an athlete who, while theyʼre putting out some serious work, still makes everything looks effortless.

The takeaway: Get your whole body engaged and working prior to each rep, be quick and powerful on the lift or “up” part of the movement, and then work the lowering part of the movement with control for about 3 seconds.

Getting The Entire Body Lined Up And Cleaning Up Movement In Five Cues Glutes tight. This will get your legs and core lit up and working.

Elvis hips (push them forward slightly) – this applies to push ups and any time you feel your back getting too much arch, especially in the lower back.

Ribs closed – this will help with your core and shoulders. Just as itʼs easy to overarch the lower back due to tight hips, itʼs easy to overarch the upper back because of tight shoulders.

Squeeze the handle/grab the ground – if holding a weight or doing a push up, or extend your fingers, (if empty handed). This is to engage the bigger muscles of the upper body and keeps you from dissociating the arms and shoulders from the rest of you. Which is a big reason that a lot of people struggle with upper body strength.

Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and look down slightly. This takes out any unnecessary impingement and keeps your neck lined up with the rest of your spine.

Or you can disregard it like this guy.

Nap Dynamite

All of these contribute in a big way to stability and improving strength, so I recommend that you run through all of these cues as you set up for each movement.

How to make training a part of your life

This training template should only take 15 – 20 minutes to perform. Time and willpower are at a premium so put away the distractions and get after it with some intensity! If the weather is good, then get outside. Do whatever you can so that you can channel your focus into a great training session and have fun while youʼre at it!

And donʼt let the perfect get in the way of the good, either. So many times I have an ideal workout planned, but you know what? Something comes up, I have to take a call and now Iʼve got less time. Or the weights or equipment I had planned on having access to are being used and arenʼt available.

Instead, I go with the movements that take less set up time and go with whatʼs available NOW. Sure, itʼs not my first plan, but it keeps me on track, I donʼt get bogged down in “perfect workout world” and often times, it ends up being better than what Iʼd originally written.

Clint EastwoodTo quote Clint Eastwood from Heartbreak Ridge: “Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.”

A Simple Five Movement Framework For Training

Pick one movement from each of the five categories and pick a weight or variation you can perform for up about 10-12 reps. If you can hit 15 reps, then itʼs time to move up. You can keep mixing it up every workout or repeat it and try to do better – more reps, more weight, more time under the weight, better quality of movement. Thereʼs no wrong way to do this template.

Set a minimum of two rounds. A good goal to shoot for would be to hit four to five rounds in about 20 minutes.

How many times per week? To really see results, whether thatʼs fat loss or building a stronger, more resilient body, you should aim for four sessions per week. You might need to build up and start with three. (including classes at the dojo)

In addition to this, I am a huge fan of walking. Preferably outside. Do this a lot. In fact, you can do this everyday.

Five Movement Categories:
Hip Hinge (Hamstrings and Glutes)

Romanian Deadlift , Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, Side lunge, Hip thrust, Swings, Bridge, Hip Thrust A short compilation of The Best Dang Hamstring & Glute Dominant Exercises

Push (Chest, Shoulders)

Push Ups, DB Bench Press, DB overhead press, Pike Push Ups (AKA Push Back) More Push Up Variations

Knee Dominant (Quads and Glutes)

Split Squat (rear foot up to advance) lunge, squat, Compilation of The Best Dang Quad Dominant Exercises

Pull (Back)

Pull Up progression, 1DB Row, strict curls, suspended row (can sub cable row), band pull apart variation.


Pallof Press, RKC Plank, Side Plank, Russian Twist
*Key note: practice “vacuum packed abs” on all of these for tightening your waist

Efficiency: Ideally, I like each round to take right about 4-5 minutes to perform, so if you can use the same bench, weight, etc. with minimal transition time, then go with it. Also, while I love single side training, donʼt let it slow you down.

A Sample Workout:

Knee Dominant:
Total Body, Abs, Mobility:

DB Side Lunges (alternating sides)
DB Overhead Press
Split Squats (perform all reps on one side, then switch) Pull Ups/Lat Pull Down
Pallof Press :30 – :40 per side (my favorite core movement)

These are all pretty standard movements so youʼre not going to look weird. However, I would encourage you to keep pursuing heavier weights, tougher variations, and better quality of movement. So, when someone asks what youʼre doing you can reply:

I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.

I’m sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.

Having An Example

Seeing behind the scenes at how other trainers get after their own workouts has been a huge help to me, so here are a few of my favorites that either follow a similar template to the one I just set out in this guide, or are just a great picture of how to get after it with the magic ingredients of intensity and quality of movement.

Neghar Fonooni, a simple hotel gym workout
Jen Sinkler: Big 10 Challenge and a bodyweight only circuit
Chip Conrad - one of my favorite people in fitness and one of my biggest influences.

Molly Galbraith – demonstrating a conditioning circuit

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for staying on track and making some serious progress towards your goals. Get after it early and often and make moving every day a habit, and ideally one that is rooted in self care, not in beating “trouble spots” into submission.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, cut off the sleeves, now I cut the grass in it. I donʼt recommend it.

That was one of the worst things I did and I approached fitness that way for a long time. Itʼs not just a mental approach or something amorphous. It has real world consequences.

It affects everything from the way you do the workouts, to how you eat, to how you carry yourself, to any number of other things that can contribute to your success or hold you back. And really, to get a different set of results, you have to become consistent with the outcome youʼre aiming for.

So approach your training wisely and get after it!




Episode 3 – WarrorCast


This week on WarriorCast, KenJr. takes the lead and talks about his predictions for last weeks fight.  He was 3-1.  On the technical front we realized that we need a mixer and some more equipment to do this right so one is on the way.  KenJr. talks about some of his favorites,

Ronda Rousey, Chris Weidman, Demetrious Johnson, T.J. Dillashaw, Cub Swanson, Tom Egan

That was evident when we started talking about AMC’s The Walking Dead and the way we were broadcasting crashed.  I salvaged it but it didn’t sound as tight as it will.

The Walking Dead isn’t about Zombies.  To us, this weekly show highlights the real drama that happens when facades are torn down and people have to just be who they are.  The “zombies” are a problem that they all have to face but they aren’t the issue as much as surviving, trusting, and living free.  In episode 3, we lost a bad guy and one of the good guys.  There was some grisly violence in what was really just a building with four walls and a roof in what was a “church.”   The team split and one of my favorite characters got her sword back.  “Yeah, Baby!”

The Walking Dead

I got the opportunity to interview Jerome Wilson of and have that audio interview included in this show.  The video is here.


Will all this fitness talk and being with my son, I have decided its time to do better.  I am taking some information from Charlie LeVine of and will be sharing that until I lose the weight.

All in all this was a great week.  Thank you for joining us as I learn and hang out with Ken Jr. on WarriorCast.

If you have some questions for us, feel free to ask.  Join us during the live showing of The Walking Dead too on Twitter and Instagram.  That is always fun.



How To Lose 20lbs.

I’m trying to get fit.

I don’t see myself doing the “Insanity” training or anything drastic to lose the twenty pounds I have. I know I need to lose the weight. On that fact I am sold. There are so many people with pictures of themselves on Instagram. You will not see me doing that. I just want the results. Its for me. I am going to share this post to hope to inspire you to join me.

Twenty pounds to go.

I walked on the dusty scale in my sons bathroom and weighed myself for the first time in decades. I thought it would be nice to lose ten pounds until I got on the scale. You ever felt like that?  The scale said 220.  It was better than I thought but 200 lbs. sounds better.

I live with a fitness guy. My son has a degree in Exercise Science. He lives the lifestyle. I have no excuse. I enlisted the help of Charlie LeVine from to help me jumpstart this project. He sent me some good stuff.

Just like a fitness DVD won’t help alone– you have to  “Do” something. Check in with me every week and share your progress or shortcoming.

This week I started walking. Charlie said do it for 20 minutes. I did it for twenty the first day and 45 the other two days. It just felt good so I kept going,

I have to work on my diet. What I eat has to change a little.

Here’s what the pro said”

The big takeaways: eat real food, the less from packages the better. Favor protein, vegetables, fruits, and fats. Don’t fear the carbs, but try not to make them the centerpiece either.

Workouts. A simple starting place is a hard 20 minute block of training/ This will be strength based, 3-4 times per week. Your heart rate will be up and this is essentially “lifting weights faster”. The normal thing is to divide the categories pretty strictly. If you did split squats, rows, deadlifts, overhead presses and planks one right after the other, your heart rate will be flying. Minimal rest between exercises and rounds. Walk 4-5 days per week for 30-40 minutes at a brisk pace. Preferably in nature. Even God hates treadmills.

You can follow my progress on WarriorCast.  Don’t make me have to take pictures.