I’ve been podcasting since 2007. I have learned so much and want to take that knowledge and make ONE SUPERIOR PODCAST from it. That show needs to stand on its on. That show needs its own name, title and purpose. That show is going to be called the Kenn Blanchard Show.

Life is a series of problems. Some are big and some are small. It is a wise person that learns from the mistakes of others. This show seeks to uplift you, make you smile, give you something to think, or worry less about. It is hosted by Rev. Kenn Blanchard and will share stories, the struggles and the successes of a man aka the Black Man With A Gun. (TM) He is an US Marine veteran, former CIA officer, serial entrepreneur, author, Christian pastor, outdoorsman, motorcyclist, animal lover, firearms instructor, artist, musician, cigar lover, angler, husband, father and your friend and brother.

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